About SFFilmworks

Southern Fried Filmworks is a full service multimedia production company committed to acquiring, developing, and creating independent movies, television series and special-interest projects. Southern Fried works with home-grown and international writers and directors committed to their craft and to relating courageous, beyond the ordinary stories in their unique vision.

Southern Fried Filmworks writers and directors span across cultures, genres and even oceans. These multi-faceted creatives have expanded their talents in every area of entertainment and beyond, bringing these experiences to life in their scripts and on the screen.

The objectives of Southern Fried Filmworks are as follows:
1. To produce innovative independent films and television series

2. To create fresh and imaginative works marketable to specialized audiences

3. To produce three feature films in the first four years, with budgets ranging from 1 to 10 million

4. To develop young, up-and-coming filmmakers and screenwriters

We strive to make films that inspire discussion, bubble with emotion, make you think and most of all – Entertain!

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